CFO Advisory

Here for you as your business grows…

So, you now have accurate bookkeeping and your management reports are showing your true financial picture, now what?

It’s time to invest in expert financial help to reach your financial goals.


We provide financial analysis on the three most important reports for your business:

  • Income Statement – You are in business to make a profit. We work with you to ensure that you are able to sell your services for more than it cost
  • Balance Sheet – Your balance sheet highlights your financial position at any given moment. Our analysis will document how you can formulate strategies and implement specific tactics in order to make a return on your investment
  • Statement of Cash Flow – Never be in a position where you are making a profit but do not have enough funds in the bank. We will help you maintain a healthy cash flow

We can also be your financial liaison for your insurance negotiations, loan application, workers compensation set-up and claims